To the good old days.

14 Jan 2013

The good old days, drifting further and further away. In my paper, they are representative of Pang of ellipsis dots; on my bookshelf, they are the exquisite design, have dust collection; in my drawer, which is that everyone in the group photo smile; in my pocket, which is a sentence the most intimate persuasion jobs… …

Now, I sit in the autumn cane chair, that they have fallen leaves. I try to catch the leaves, do not want to let the time they throw hurt. This is my only way to apologize.

To have gone friend to apologize, I don’t know how to begin a letter should be, how to end. More do not know, between the lines, should take what step office interior design.

To lose after having got it in a heart. But I didn’t cherish you, only hope, God blessed me, make it a sincere heart, lost.

To those who are far away the old craft to apologize, I haven’t seen a real shadow play, can not find a carpenter to do a cupboard, could not find old tailor make a robe, failed to find a “shaved burden” shave head … … Apologize to the good old days, because I didn’t even have time to remember, dont be occupied.

We’re going too fast, and life and some beautiful scenery. As the film ” leaving me loving you ” there’s a line: we know too fast, too fast to kiss, too fast to have sex, and then too quickly tired of each other. It seems, are soon in trouble! In this regard, ancestor than we are wise, they say, eat hot tofu.

There are many pleasant things, they are scattered in the corner of the small fragments, the fragrance, need to wake up, need to pass.

Memory is a very strange thing, it leaves always their good and bad people. So can’t avoid flighty and impetuous, I always want to look in the mirror own ten years later. Now, ten years after they began to think of the face ten years ago, because in the temples, saw sporadic snow.

Love, if you read these hum about text, please tell me, stop at your door and the three horse car, also can carry back, you?




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